Product Spotlight- The Pearl Dress

The versatility of the Madison Grace Pearl

 The Madison Grace Pearl Dress is our best selling item and one of the most versatile pieces in our product catalog. Why you ask? Sizing is determined based on how your daughter wants to wear the pearl.
You might look at the size chart and spot your daughter’s size and be ready to click the add to cart button….but wait a minute. Before you do, get the inside scoop on how to select the right size dress based on the way you want your daughter to wear it.
 One of the members of our brand team can actually wear 3 different sizes of pearls. That’s right, THREE different sizes of pearls. Remember I mentioned that buy the size pearl for the way you want your daughter to wear it? Tunic, short dress or knee length dress - Which style might fit your daughter’s style the best?
Let’s take a closer look at each of the three ways to wear the Madison Grace Pearl:
  Pearl as tunic. Wear your pearl dress as a tunic and pair with your favorite pair of Madison Grace ruffled shorties, icing capris or icing pants. Have fun mixing and matching colors to your hearts content. (To achieve this look: Buy two sizes down from your regular Madison Grace size)
  Pearl as a short dress. Show off those cute baby legs with a shorter version of the Madison Grace pearl dress. Pair your pearl with cute pair of Matilda Jane bloomers. For older girls, you can pair your pearl with a cute pair of distressed denim shorts or Madison Grace ruffled shorties for a sweet and sassy look. This is our favorite length! (To achieve this look: Buy one size down from your regular Madison Grace size)
 Pearl as knee length dress. For optimal twirl factor order your daughter’s dress a bit longer! This is an adorable length to let the real beauty of the pearl dress shine though. Pair this version of the Madison Grace peal dress with a cute necklace and bow. (To achieve this look: Buy your regular Madison Grace size)
Whichever styling you choose for your pearl – the tunic, the short dress or the knee length dress your daughter will look amazing in her Madison Grace Pearl. To purchase your Madison Grace Pearl Dress visit 


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